Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can I sit down yet?

Hey all, sorry to have been M.I.A these last few weeks; I'm sure you've all been on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the return of my delightful wit and incredible storytelling powers. :)

When I last blogged the kids and I were about to make our way to DC. Needless to say, it was incredible! The kids had a great time seeing all the sights you could cram into 2 1/2 days; they went bananas over the Air and Space museum (where I spent the 90 minutes just sitting... it felt awesome) and thought the Declaration of Independence was pretty cool (Ms. Miller, you can barely see the writing!!!). I loved being able to watch their faces as we walked up the stairs of the Lincoln Monument and they took in just how enormous the statue of Lincoln is and their momentary shock and horror when they thought there might have been a typo carved into the wall of the monument. Don't worry, there isn't. We visited the Air Force memorial which made Robbie's whole trip, seriously have never seen that kid so giddy! And Kirby just about died when we stopped by the World War II memorial where he proceeded to bombard us with facts and figures about every aspect of the entire war! My girls are girls and thought our lunch at the Pentagon City Mall was the best because they could do some real shopping. I'll admit it, I speed ate my lunch so I could hit some shops... I missed that place!

I am so happy I had the opportunity to take such an awesome group of kids to one of my favorite places in the world and share my enthusiasm for our nation's history. That being said, I don't see myself doing this again in the next year or two. It was exhausting!!!

I realize that I devoted two fairly substantial blogs to the first few days of our trip and a paragraph to the last several but the details of the trip are starting to fade and I've been busy with some really cool things in the last few weeks.

My parents and I took a long weekend trip to see Ben and Michelle. It was so much fun visiting them and getting close to Moscow. Someday I will make it all the way there!!! I need to hit the bookstore and get some new Vandal gear!

Leah and I took a bestie trip to Boise where we spent time with our great girlfriends. Jerome made a brief appearance and it was so great to see her! Our little traveling gnome is enjoying her time in Wisconsin and has us thinking about taking a girl's trip to Madison. Bring on the cheese!!!

Last but not least, Ben and I moved!!! We packed up our tiny apartment and moved into a nice, big townhouse. And you know what, it's freaking fantastic! We have so much room that it's crazy! We have so much room in fact that we had to buy a new couch to fill up an empty room. The kitchen is crazy spacious compared to the tiny galley I had at the apartment so I'll be able to expand my cooking adventures and try out some new recipes! Never fear dear readers, I'll post lots of pictures!

The place is slowly taking shape and I'm hoping to have it set up and ready to show off before school starts; the couch should be here soon, I'm hoping to get our dining table out of storage in the next day or two and picture hanging shouldn't take too long and then it will feel like home!

Once the place it all put together I'll post some photos of the new place. And for those of you who live close there might just be a party or two to attend at the new casa! Keep your eyes post for the invites!

Alright my lovelies, I'm off to nap! TTFN!!!