Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm melting!!!

Holy crap; it is hot. No, that's not true. Hot does not even begin to describe the weather outside. What word do people use to describe how hot the surface of the sun is, because I feel that would be the MOST accurate description of the insanity that is happening outside.

Now I realize that it gets much warmer in the Phoenix area than it does in Idaho Falls but in late March I was honestly not expecting it to be in the upper 90s. I spent 20 minutes outside and I thought I was going to melt. The randomness of the weather I've experienced in the last 5 days (snow on Monday and almost 100 degree temps today) has led me to one conclussion... Mother Nature is a crack addict!!! Seriously, crazy pants, such a wide swing in weather is just super uncool!

I was really excited to cook dinner for Jessi and Dallas but now I'm scared the house my burst into flames if we turn on the stove or oven so if you, my dear readers, have any suggestions for things I could make without using heat producing appliances, bring 'em on!!!

When I came down this morning Jessi was watching Julie and Julia and it made me giggle seeing as that was the inspiration for me starting this blog. I came in around the scene when Julie was wondering if anyone was reading her blog. I've heard from a few friends that they are taking a gander at this piece of my mind/life but I'd love for you to leave comments, suggestions, topics for discussions!!! My friends aren't the shy and retiring types so come on, let's get chatty!!!

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  1. I'd suggest shrimp, the peeled and frozen kind that you thaw by just rinsing under water. There is PB&J, delivery pizza, or just go out to one of the fine dining establishments that we don't have here! :-) Mom


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