Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday... I wish

It's Sunday, I should be lounging on the couch watching the Master's and sipping coffee but instead I'm engaging in one of my least favorite activities... cleaning. I HATE cleaning, I LOATHE cleaning, I ABHOR cleaning. Especially when the kitchen is involved.

I know how you feel sister!
To say my kitchen is small would be to understate things severely; my kitchen is minuscule, and yet it manages to get absolutely filthy in next to no time. I'm sure this is at least partially contributable (is that even a word) to the tininess of the space and the largeness of my microwave and coffeemaker but that doesn't make it any better or acceptable. To make matters worse, I've run out of paper towels and have no sponges so my stove, which is looking like a murder scene with all it's stains, will remain gross because I have absolutely no desire to venture into the outside world. So I will have to be content with the sink being empty and the dishwasher being loaded and the counters wiped down.

About what my sink looked like this morning.

One day I will have the perfect kitchen, my dream kitchen with so much counter space you could climb on up and take a nap! And on the counter top you will find my wonderful Kuerig coffeemaker (thanks to my shmoop!) and a KitchenAid tilt head stand mixer in Boysenberry or Tangerine. I'm going to will that into existence even if it kills me!!! If any of you have a Boysenberry KitchenAid mixer you no longer want I'd be happy to take it off your hands!

I just sighed with longing; it was a really loud sigh so you might have heard it. My apologies!


  1. I don't have a stand mixer but I do have a dirty kitchen you could take off my hands. :) It might look a bit like yours; maybe if we combine them together we can share a moderately sized kitchen?

  2. My kitchen is well on it's way to clean. I have loaded, unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher and have hand-washable things soaking in the sink now. I've sprayed down the top of the stove and the counters and am letting the cleaner work it's magic. Seeing as I've done all that I think you're on your own in regards to your kitchen.

    When we move, Ben and I are totally getting a smaller microwave. My beast of a machine just takes up way too much room. At least it's not as massive as the one in my classroom!

  3. Yay! I can comment now! Okay, here's what I wanted to say---when you get a Kitchen Aid, make sure you get the pro model---trust me on that one. Mine's brushed chrome and it's fantastic. Love your blog!

  4. Even with the big kitchen and lots of counter space, it still gets messy. Hang in there with the cleaning?


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