Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stress Relief in Cookie Form!

This has been a stressful week both personally and professionally and I'm looking forward to tomorrow more than is healthy I'm sure. I'm hoping against hope that next week is leaps and bounds better than the one I'm in the midst of enduring, which can be boiled down to (oh man, I just channeled my dad!) it's not my fault, it's yours; I should matter; and my feelings are valid even if you don't like them. So yeah, this week can suck it! Only time will tell how next week will go but in the mean time, I have my secret stress busting weapon... baking! Well maybe it's not so secret since I might have mentioned once or twice that I REALLY like baking. :)

There will be a marathon baking session in my kitchen, lack of space be damned! I plan on making simple favorites and challenging myself by attempting things I've been crazy intimidated by in the past. If you have requests by all means let me know; Megan's kitchen is open for business and by gosh I'm taking orders!!!  Except for meringues, those are still WAY too scary. The day I attempt a meringue you all better show up with a straight jacket and some serious meds because it will breakdown city over here!

One of the recipes I plan on making is my Grammy Lou's applesauce cake, which I think originated even before her (Mom, help me out with the timeline). I'll post the recipe and some pictures when it's all said and done but I can tell you right now this is something you're going to want to make and soon! Your kitchen will smell AMAZING and you'll be filled with love, joy, happiness and the desire to hug everyone you meet. It's a perfect end to an Easter dinner (or any dinner truth be told) just pair it with a nice cup of decaf!

I know this week has worn hard on lots of those close to me and it's got me wondering how others release stress. Plus it's a great time to introduce my first give away!!! Now I'm not all fancy and hooked up like Ree over at The Pioneer Woman so I won't be giving away any KitchenAid mixers. But the winning entry will get their choice between a $10 dollar Starbucks card or a $10 gift certificate to the Cocoa Bean Cafe with several locations throughout SE Idaho and Utah.

Love their Mexican Chocolate cupcake beyond words!

So how 'bout it lovely readers? What are your surefire stress relievers? I'll choose from the responses from I've received by 6 pm on Sunday!


  1. Because we're related... in addition to baking, I also find BOURBON SLUSHES to be a surefire way to relieve stress.
    Let's just say it... our Grammy is the greatest woman who ever lived and EVERYTHING she's ever made is award worthy. She rocks at relieving stress. ;)

  2. Weightlifting. Both kinds. :)

  3. So, Miz M, it's really MY Great-grandma Hailey's Applesauce cake recipe with a GrammyLou tweak. So I'm guessing the cake comes in around the early 1900s.

  4. yelling at my kids! Oh, wait they are grown and gone. Hmm, I guess I'll have to say getting a massage from the talented Anna at Your Body Better!

  5. Lemon loaf.... yummy yummy yummy! or lifting weights with you and renee!

  6. A long bubble bath. Lots and lots and lots of bubbles ...

  7. I tend to gravitate toward health---because when you're very healthy, you weather stress better. Things like aromatherapy, yoga, stretching, and sleeping in are all healthy ways to manage stress that are very good for the environment as well! My favorite comfort "food," though is a latte--and I always get them with full-fat milk (fat-free milk is very processed and will leave you craving something extra because you don't experience the satiety of the full food).

  8. Dark Chocolate, sweet red wine, a hot bath and my book... Simultaneously. Now that I have an. iPad I thought I would have to give this up but my awesome husband got me a waterproof sleeve for iPad so that I can continue to read my books in the hot bath. It just makes your troubles melt away. Oh and let me say that if the stress is big enough I'll admit that sometimes only tears will do the job.

  9. Ok, applying the very scientific method of "hey Ben, pick a number" Renee is the winner of either a Starbucks or Cocoa Besn Cafe giftcard! Congrats Renee.

  10. Despite not being a winner because I left my computer in Idaho Falls this weekend and just read your blog, I will still share my favorite stress breaking activities:
    1. Chocolate or eating food
    2. Running
    3. Pounding piano keys pretending like I am really playing it.
    4. Writing in my journal
    5. Reading
    6. Singing a favorite upbeat positive song
    7. Downloading -- tell someone everything that is wrong and all of a sudden it no longer feels as wrong.
    8. Sleeping until it goes away
    9. Making gratitude lists (see my classroom)
    10. Go for a drive.

    These are just a few that came to my mind. Some are obviously healthier and better than others.


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