Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a headache, literally!

Headaches are one of my least favorite things in the world to deal with and this time of year I find myself dealing with them constantly! And Lord almighty, today was no exception. I started out feeling just fine; the sun was shining, the kids were happy and working hard and I found there was only 1 more faculty meeting all year.  Lunch was fun with free pizza and cookies and two of my more troublesome students were absent. Woo hoo, party time in room A-42!!! Then the clock struck 12:55 (well technically it read 11:55 because my clock is possessed by some weird time demon and resets itself every morning) and BOOM! It was like a ton of brick was dropped on my head and I thought I was going to die; the pain was so bad the tips of my ears hurt and my jaw-hinge (not sure the actual name, Anna help!) was throbbing. I took a deep breath and looked out my wind pretty sure about what I was going to see and yup, I was right. The sky filled with dark, angry looking clouds.

Now I'm not sure how many people in the world suffer from the severe pain brought on by barometric pressure induced headaches but I can assure that I feel your pain, acutely. And for those of you reading this that find they get a horrible headache whenever the rain clouds roll in, here are a few articles that you might find interesting. They offer theories on why and how changes in the weather cause severe headaches and steps you can take to lessen pain and in some instances possibly avoid pain all together. Now while I found these articles informative, I'm not saying you should rush out and schedule an appointment with an acupuncturist or chiropractor as some suggest. Though, if you are located in the Idaho Falls area,  you might want to call up Anna Larsen at Your Body Better to schedule a massage. Contact her at 208-227-3087 or use the "schedule now" button on her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/yourbodybetter?sk=wall

So, dear readers, if you all will excuse me I'm going to lay down in a dark room with a cold compress over my eyes. If you want to join me in my hardcore wishing and hoping for the pain to disappear I'd be forever grateful, especially since Ben's taking me to Pachangas for dinner and I hear it's WONDERFUL!




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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Megan! Massage is a great stress-reliever, and can also help relieve the pain of headaches when it's part of your regular health-care plan!


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