Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Dream Reallized!

For our anniversary in October Ben bought me a lovely KitchenAid stand mixer at the local Target. Now, I've wanted one of these bad boys for AGES and I was so excited that all my (not so subtle) hinting had finally paid off! There was just one problem; the mixer he bought was white. I fully realize and acknowledge that in the grand scheme of things color shouldn't count because it doesn't change how something functions but what can I say, I wanted color! In all the time I've dreamed about owning my very own KitchenAid, I never once imagined a white one. Ben was his awesome self and didn't care if I returned the one he purchased if it meant I'd get the exact mixer I wanted. These is why I keep the man around! **Mwah, shmoop!** So I took the mixer back to Target and looked through the colors they had and was disappointed; it was the standard red, black, chrome which along with white were colors I wasn't interested in. There was a bright side to their not having a color I wanted... a gift card which I used to buy our Christmas tree and dresser (which Ben is attempting to assemble as I type!).

I looked online for several more weeks and didn't see what I liked for a price that I was okay with paying. Then QVC came in and saved the day! My mom is slightly addicted to the Q and has converted me as well; I find myself checking out their inventory especially for kitchen items and very rarely do I NOT find something I can't live without! About a month ago they had the KitchenAid Pro Version of the mixer on sale for a fab price and 6 easy pay (I love being able to spread the payment out), but best of all they had the color I'd been drooling over for months... tangerine. So without hesitation I placed my order and a week later this little beauty showed up at my door!

I was so excited that I could get her out of the box fast enough! Ben was pleasantly surprised with the color, but it's Florida Gators orange so I knew he would be! I had the perfect spot on my counter all picked out and don't ya know... she fits perfectly.

I like to imagine that the mixer and my awesome Kuerig (another fabulous Ben present) have long conversations about how happy they make me. I haven't used her as yet but I have all sorts of fabulous holiday recipes that I plan on whipping up and this mixer will save me so much work.

So dear readers, what should I make first? I was thinking about the chocolate peppermint crunch cookies I posted yesterday in my Edible Pinterest post. For those of you with a KitchenAid, what do you LOVE to make?

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