Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays

So... hi there folks. Long time, no blog. Now, if you'll be so kind as to indulge me I'm going to breeze right over the fact that I haven't posted anything in 3 months, saving the reasons why for another time. Instead I'm going to talk about pretty, pretty Christmas lights and decorations!

Over the weekend I finally worked up the motivation to pull out the ONE tote of Christmas decorations I'd had stored in my  parent's garage and sort through my goodies. Unfortunately, during it's time in the garage my tote was kind enough to play host to a mouse... who left me lots of little presents. How very "tis the season" of him. Luckily most of my stuff made it through the hibernation just fine. After a another trip to my parent's to pick out some of my ornaments and grabbing the rest of my totes from the storage unit I was ready to rock and roll. Or at least decorate!

The little snowman and gingerbread house are actually a salt and pepper shaker set!!!
I love decorating for the holidays. The lights, the snowmen, the trees; they always brings a smile to my face even when I'm in a terrible mood. I find such joy in going through all the holiday treasures I've acquired over the years and finding just the right spot for them. Over the last few years I haven't been able to decorate as much as I would have liked because my living spaces have been so tiny so I've been totally jazzed about gussying up the new place.

I might have a slight snowman addiction!
I think one of my favorite things this year was putting up our tree. I've had trees before but they were always little things, and usually consisted of metal wires and jingle bells. But this year I splurged and bought a 6 1/2 foot pre-lit tree at Target. I got some classic green and red glass ornaments and silver tinsle to go with the Coca-Cola ornaments we picked up in Minnesota when we stopped by to visit Ben's grandparents.

Not normally a tinsel girl but this year I'm really feeling it!
One tree might be enough for most people but let's be honest, I'm not most people so I'll have two trees thank you very much! I feel in love with this little neon green tree and super bright ornaments several years ago when a normal sized tree just wouldn't work. I set this up in what Ben affectionately refers to at the "man" room but since he hasn't taken ownership (e.g. put his darn posters up) I staked my claim! He acts like he hates the tree because it obscures the tv from his usual spot on the couch but he hasn't moved it yet so I'm calling his bluff!

Mini tree and yet another snowman... told you I had a problem!
When Ben and I moved into the house in July, I made what some called a "questionable" decision and put my massive dresser in the dining room to use as a buffet. Well friends, that questionable decision turned out to be genius because I'm able to display even more of my lovely holiday treasures! Oh and some totally adorable (if not a bit out of date) pictures of little E!!!

How adorable is little Evan?
Yup, even more Evan! And a musical Coca-Cola Santa!!!

I thought about swapping out my puppy poster but I love it too much! Plus the red adds a little something, don't ya think?
Ben, or my little Grinch as I've refered to him on occasion, was adament about not helping me put up the decorations because (and I quote) "if you put them up you just have to take them down!" Despite his bravado, Ben was a huge help in putting up our newly acquired Christmas village. Though his helpfulness might have something to do with the village being his and what not... Oh well, he's tall and can reach heights that even a chair cannot help me achieve!

When we were sorting through all the village pieces I came across the Drive In below and knew it had to come home with us. *Favorite Holiday Tradition Alert* When I was growing up, Mom made us watch White Christmas, and horror of horrors, sing along! I'm not going to lie but I used to dread it; however as I've grown older I realize what an awesome tradition it is and how much I enjoy watching the movie and singing along. Having the White Christmas Drive In is just so fantastic and will be a forever reminder of Mom and our tradition!

Snow, snow, snow, snow....

Letters from the (L)edge
 I'm not 100% finished but I really love coming home, snuggling up on the couch and just staring at all the pretty, pretty lights!

So my loves, what was your favorite holiday tradition growing? Is there a tradition you've carried into adulthood? Share please!!!

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