Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Am Awesome

If you know me even a little then you know I have issues with walking, as in it's really hard for me for no apparent reason. If there is a line to trip over or an open drawer to walk into I will find, gar-un-teed! Well, today contains the perfect example of my walking prowess. I got home from school and was coming up the sidewalk when I lost my balance and stepped on the ice to the right of the sidewalk and I bit it. HARD!!! Like I cried hard. Even worse then the pain and the impending bruise is the fact that my dry clean only pants are now covered in mud!!! Super boo! I hate going to the dry cleaners, I always forget I have stuff there and then I spend hours looking for clothes that aren't in the apartment. It's just an irritation I'd rather avoid.

As I lay here on the couch, waiting for Ben to come home and inevitably mock me for my lack of basic skills, I find myself pondering karma, probably because we're studying it as part of our India unit, and can't help but wonder what I did to earn this karmic reward. I swear I was good and nice and helpful today! I didn't make anybody cry and I got 4 hugs, which for jr. high is a lot! I made positive connections with my kids and we had FUN. We'll as much fun as you can have reviewing a reading packet filled with words that are impossible to pronounce. *Sigh*

Bring on Thursday and 7 more days till break!

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