Sunday, May 15, 2011

The best laid plans...

So I was going to re-post my mom's amazing and beyond delicious spaghetti sauce recipe with some photos of the necessary ingredients and some "action" shots of the sauce cooking and it was going to be glorious. However, that's going to have to wait a few days.

First off, my super old camera is dead so I had to use Ben's camera which was just fine and dandy until the screen started flashing "Change battery pack". Um what? Battery pack, are you kidding me? Why dear boyfriend, does your camera have a battery pack? You too good for regular AA batteries? Anyway, once I got over the ridiculousness of the battery pack I realized I have no idea where the cord that connects the camera to the computer is. Normally I'd find Ben (which is so not hard in our tiny apartment) but he's in Boise for state golf so I'm on my own with this. I suppose I could dig through drawers and root around in the billion Tupperware boxes scattered around our place but that sounds like a lot of effort and it's Sunday and I only have 13 1/2 days of school left and it's really windy outside and basically... I just don't want to.

Now Ben, if you're reading this I took like 4 pictures and they were all of foods you enjoy. Oh, hey... birthday present idea! New camera!!!

Since I've got one more night of flying solo I'm going to attempt a daring recipe that Ben will hate... mushroom fries. I stumbled across a recipe that uses portabello mushrooms but I haven't go any of those so I'm going to try making them with the sliced mushrooms I do have. I've been asked to share the success or failure of this venture with you all and so I shall.

With that I'll leave you for the evening so you can return to whatever activity you ripped yourself away from and I can return to pondering the director's choice to include that weird, creepy ghost Harry/Hermione make out scene in the latest Harry Potter film.

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