Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wow, that's it. Wow.

I was getting ready to post a silly, sarcastic entry discussing the joys (see sarcasm) of being a jr. high student council leader and then toss out the profoundly life-changing recipe for my chicken enchilada soup. Well MSNBC has made that seem like a bad idea. At least for today. 

Osama bin Laden is dead and we have his body. The man who unleashed unimaginable pain, suffering and terror upon the world has met his end, and while I feel a very large sense of relief and closure, the political scientist in me has moved on. Who is going to take his place? How will this effect the many other Al Qaida cells across the world react? What will the response of other radical, anti-American groups, Arab and otherwise, be. 

Only time will provide the answers to my questions but for today good has struck a HUGE blow against evil. God bless all the men and women who have spent the last decade fighting for our freedom and defending us against the ultimate evil. It took a long time but your efforts have paid off. 

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